Donate your change

We want to empower anyone to donate their spare change to the causes they care about, automatically.









Safe and sound

You should be able to donate on any platform without worrying about where your money goes. That's why we've designed Audonate with the same layers of security you'll find at any major bank.

Get off of my cloud

Your account information is way up in the cloud. In fact, we never receive or store any of it on our servers.

Insured donors

Every Audonate account is insured for up to $250,000 against fraud. Your change is always safe with us, though it won't be here for long - we'll ship it straight to the nonprofit of your choice.

Touch ID

Giving effortlessly at your fingertips, literally. With a single touch, we can identify you and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

256-bit Encryption

We use the same encryption major banks do, because at Audonate, we believe change is more than money in a bank; change is what makes the difference you want to see in the world.

Automatic alerts

Instant account alerts will automatically tell you about fishy account activity to help protect your change.

Give safely

Think of us as your giving watch dogs. We'll bark if we see any unusual or phony activity in your account, because we want to see every penny go toward the cause you care about. We hate fraud too.

What you can look forward to

Take an exclusive look at our design in progress. We want to involve you, the user, in our development as much as possible, so we can give you what you need and want to make a difference. Please feel free to reach out to us at with any feedback you have regarding the look and feel of our design!